(Sarasota, FL) – VRX Media announced today that they are now offering their professional 3D tour services, including free professional HDR property photos and room measurements to all residential and commercial real estate agents in and around the Sarasota area. VRX Media has already been successfully providing 3D tours and other marketing services to the real estate industry in Wisconsin, but wanted to expand to the west coast of Florida as soon as possible.

“The beauty of the Sarasota area, coupled with a vibrant real estate market made it priority number one when we were talking about expanding our 3D tour and other marketing services outside of Wisconsin,” said Owner Nate Strom. “Just the way we do things and our extremely affordable pricing packages has allowed VRX Media to really take off, and we know that 3D tours and everything else we will bring to the area here will be as successful, and possibly more so than what we are seeing in Wisconsin.”

VRX Media went with Nicole Groom from Sarasota to be their exclusive 3D tour service provider in and around the area. When it comes to Sarasota 3D tours, only a small handful of companies and agents are actually tapping into the technology, which can be viewed here:

“The fact that only 5% or so of agents in the Sarasota, Osprey, Bradenton, and surrounding areas are even using 3D tour technology to win new listings, filter out imitation buyers, and attract new buyers means this market will soon embrace and love the technology once they see it, and especially when word spreads about our affordable pricing packages,” said VRX Media Marketing Director Kyle O’Boyle. “In and around Sarasota, 3D tours should quickly become as standard for sellers as getting their listing on the MLS, so agents that roll it into all of their listings earlier than others will reap the benefits with new listings and tapping into price ranges and markets they maybe haven’t been able to in the past.”

3D tours like these have only been around and easily accessible to both residential and commercial real estate agents for a year or two, but VRX Media wants the technology to meet affordable pricing for it to be easily used on all listings. Pricing packages, from their website, start at $149.99 for homes and buildings/spaces 1,500 square feet (SF) or less for a 3D tour and free room measurements, then the mid-sized package at just $199.99 for buildings between 1,501 sf to 5,000 sf (their most popular package), then tops out at only $249.99 for properties between 5,001 sf to 7,500 sf.

The company has an easy to use online booking system that can be found here and said their turnaround time on submitting the final product ready for MLS, agent websites, and social media distribution is only 1-3 business days. To learn more about VRX Media head over to their About Us page.