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Why Should I use your Aerial Services?

  • Better Than Typical Video & Photos
  • Showcase Aerial Video & Pics On Website
  • Share On Social Media
  • Easily Added to MLS Listings Under Video/Virtual Tour
  • Email Link to Everyone to Increase Awareness
  • Create a Facebook Ad & Promote Your Property “From the Sky”
  • Works Great On Smartphones & Tablets

Our Aerial Photos Are More Than Just a Bird’s Eye View

Affordable and Amazing FAA Certified Aerial Video / Photography is Here!

In the past the phrase “aerial photos and video” meant throwing down some serious cash. Not with VRX Media providing you with unparalleled 4K (better than HD) FAA remote pilot certified video and aerial photography for whatever application you are looking for.

It is incredible how a short aerial video or one perfect aerial photo was able to bring any property marketing to the next level, whether that property was listed for sale or just needed a shot of marketing steroids. VRX Media is now your provider of aerial services. Let us take your marketing to the next level today. 

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Aerial Photos Like These Are Literally Next Level Marketing

Our 1 Minute Aerial Videos Showcase That Special Property

Ask About Our Commercial Aerial Services

Commercial real estate companies, landscapers, architects, designers, farmers, horse trainers, sports complexes, and even a property owner just looking for an incredible, timeless aerial photo or video keepsake have all used our aerial services.  The only question that remains is when do you want us to come out to your property?

Aerial photography is becoming a standard offering for many marketing packages. In the past you would have to schedule a helicopter pilot well in advanced and pay them thousands of dollars to take a photographer or videographer up in the sky to get that perfect shot. Not anymore, we create the aerial videos and stunning photography in under an hour, and come on your time.

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Now Offering INTERIOR VIDEO! Check Out this Upgraded Aerial Video with Interior Video:

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