COVID-19 Update on Services Provided by VRX Media

Here at VRX Media, we are taking the COVID-19 outbreak, state lockdowns, and CDC guidelines (view here) very seriously as we know it is affecting both the way you live and work day-to-day and the way our own employees and photographers live and work.

UPDATE (3/30/20): Most states and counties that had shelter-in-place and “safer at home” orders issued did include real estate/real estate services as an essential business. But now, (thankfully!) the US  Federal Government has included real estate and real estate related servcices in their essential list. (See here and here under the OTHER COMMUNITY or GOVERNMENT BASED… section). This is good news for you and our service team…real estate transcations must go on!

YES, our photographers are going out and providing media services at this point in time as we are able to provide our service alone or in groups while heavily limiting/removing personal contact of any kind. We are monitoring situations and lockdown statuses on a state-by-state basis right now. As this is a fluid situation nationally, we will update this post as things change. Here are the steps that we recommend you take before ordering our photo/3D tour/drone services in your area:

  • Make sure the space is “showing ready” (see our pre-shoot checklist here) and because of the current situation our photographers WILL NOT be touching anything in the home to move for the shoot. The space will be shot as-is. 
  • We highly recommend that no one is at the space when we arrive. Our photographers have Supra/eKey access in most of the markets across the US, in markets that we do not have acces giving us a garage code/lockbox code or some other type of remote access will work. VRX photographers can shoot an entire space without anyone being there as long as they can gain access. IF you or the seller/owner insists on being there, the 6-foot rule will be followed.
  • Our online booking across the nation is still up and running. See live availability in your area, packages/pricing, and book right here. As soon as you book it is confirmed. We are still following our next day delivery guarantee of files by 5pm CST.
  • We recommend that any and all bookings you do both now and in the future have a Matterport 3D tour (see examples here). With lockdowns, “shelter-in-place” and other like orders being issued across the US right now, the Matterport 3D is currently the best and most viable option for marketing real estate listings of all kinds (residential, commercial, for lease housing/apartments, etc). Read the Forbes article on the “As the Virus Spreads: It’s Not Business as Usual for Real Estate” ASAP and approach 3D tours (aka 24-hr open house) as listing media insurance moving forward and check out the article “4 Reasons Why a Facebook 3D Open House Works“.
  • Watch our New 2020 Webinar that was just released. We are running 2-3 webinars per day and you have the ability to watch the past session on-demand. View past sessions or register for a live webinar here.

Make sure all your listings have 3D Tour technology so anyone, anywhere is able to view the space instantly.

Again, as this situation updates across the country we will be updating this post. If you have any questions or need to reach out about specific listings in specific areas please contact us here.